Lake Palace Resort: A Luxury Backwater Resort in Alleppey

    A Quick Glance at Our Treasures

    Here at Lake Palace, we offer you a plethora of exciting treasures that will awe you in excitement. Experiences that blend yourself with nature & locals, gives you an ordeal that you cherish for your lifetime.

    Backwater Exploration
    Explore the beautiful backwaters in small boats, admiring the peaceful environment created by ripples as well as different types of flora.

    Get on a perfect for a soul-searching adventure by getting to interact with nature.

    Experience the thrill of a fishing expedition while enjoying the calm breeze & the beauty of water bodies as well as monsoon.

    Learn the intricate ways of fishing used by locals & the various cooking techniques used by them to make a delicious fish meal.

    Simple & traditional tea-stall that gives you a chance to interact with locals, while having tea & home-made food items, makes chayakada a wholesome experience.

    You get a real chance to experience the culture of Kerala, most simplistically.

    Cultural Program
    Immerse yourself in rich Kerala culture through enjoying our traditional dance art forms of Kathakali & Mohiniyattam every evening. Both the dance forms portray stories of ancient Kerala and India, through hand mudras and intense facial expressions.
    The dancers are very well experienced in conveying the emotions of the ancient stories about our culture, which will give you an enlightening experience.

    Herbal Garden

    Stroll through our herbal garden, while enjoying the aromatics of various species of medicinal plants & getting the information about the same; a slice of Kerala history & culture.

    Our expert gardeners have well maintained this garden which we use for medicinal purpose as well.

    Chinese Fishing Net

    Experience a relic from the past, which is rarely being used by the current generation.

    Take an opportunity to get introduced to some past culture through people who used to use Chinese fishing nets as a livelihood.

    Shikkara Ride
    Experience a boat ride of your life-time in boats named “Shikar”, a small wooden boat with a roof. Cruise through narrow canals, which is dubbed as one of the best experiences the backwaters can provide.

    Riding in our pristine boats, you can experience the local culture by observing the lifestyle of people around.

    Pottery Making

    Indulge in the art of creating beautiful earthenware directly from clay with your own hands. Perfect for all art lovers & those who adore the intricacies of pottery making.

    Interact with professionals & artisans to understand the intricacies of pottery making.

    Play Area
    An area to do your routine exercises while spending quality time with your loved ones. You would love to create new interactions & contacts while enjoying some quality playtime with your family.

    We make sure the play area is maintained well for fun & enjoying the experience.

    Pedal Boating
    Go on a pedal boat ride with your loved ones, & leisurely enjoy utmost relaxation. Pedal boating provides you with unique experiences by calming you down & helping you relax.

    The pedal boats we provide are in good condition & you can pedal through narrow canals with a better chance to interact with the local communities.

    Speed Boat
    Cruise around in speed boats & have experience of a lifetime. Perfect for those who love speeds & adventure. Speed boating inculcates competitive spirit, making your ride fun & playful.

    The speed boats are maintained & kept at a pristine condition for providing you the perfect adventurous feeling.

    Cruise through pristine backwaters in personal watercraft, which gives you a thrilling ride, with experience close to water. Jet Ski indulges you in recreational activity while giving an adventure of a lifetime.

    Jet-Skis are an upgrade of speed boats and our expert crew helps you with all that is needed for you to have a great time in the water.

    Water Zorbing
    Indulge in a unique experience of dancing, walking, running, & jumping on the water surface without getting wet. The inflatable balls we use for this purpose is quality tested & approved by our experts.

    It provides a fun time for inexperienced swimmers & children who are learning to swim while enjoying some quality time with family in various water bodies including swimming pools & calm backwaters.


    Bring out the competitive spirit in you while giving a workout to your body, while playing beach volleyball. This simple yet rigorous game clears your head & freshen you up, as you feel the energy coursing through your veins.

    A chance for you to interact & indulge with locals while playing a friendly game of volleyball would lift your mood right up.

    For all those who love extreme water sports, kayaking is a thrill to indulge in. Rowing in kayaks, small canoe-like boats, through the surrounding nature can be a great workout while enjoying the scenery around.

    We provide durable & quality tested kayaks with safety personnel for all those of you, who are just learning to row in kayaks. We will also give you a guide map through which you can safely row your kayaks.

    Enjoy the surrounding terrain, flora, fauna & nature, while being on a leisurely ride on your cycles. Cycling or biking can be a good boost to your entire body & brain and also helps to improve all aspects of your life.

    We keep your cycles in tip-top condition for you to have a good time, while cycling, with your friends & family. A route map will be provided to you for guiding you to good cycling spots.


    Indulge yourself in a game of croquet, thus improving your hand-eye coordination while having a healthy competition with those who play with you. This game helps you physically as well as mentally & also assists in improving your self-esteem.

    We ensure the field of play, for croquet, is well maintained for you to have a safe environment to play. Also, the equipment of croquet is preserved at their peak conditions for providing you an exhilarating experience.

    Mini Golf
    You can wipe off stress & improve your sleep by playing the mini-golf. This miniature version of golf strengthens your vision, helps in burning calories, & keeps your brain in a supreme healthy position.

    We provide well-maintained equipment of mini-golf & our instructors can help you to learn the sport in a short time.

    Improve your agility, physical & mental fitness, strengthen your bones, and boost your muscle flexibility & endurance through a competitive game of badminton. This game also improves your heart by reducing hypertension & other heart-related diseases including heart attacks.

    We ensure the court is in good playing condition along with the racquets & shuttlecocks.

    Indulge in a game of archery enhancing your hand & finger flexibility, increased patience, hand-eye coordination & building your strength. It is a great workout & exercise routine that boosts your physical form.

    We have ensured the bow, arrows & the target sheets are in good shape along with the playing fields, for your overall experience of the sport.