Lake Palace Resort: A Luxury Backwater Resort in Alleppey

    Dining Overview

    Elegantly designed traditionally, the dining space is deliciously steeped in Kerala culture with backwaters & lush green landscape forming a perfect backdrop. We believe tasty food is a stairway to one’s heart & hence, we try to use love as an ingredient in everything that is prepared for your taste buds.

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    A perfect spot for private & exclusive dining, our restaurant offers you a perfect area to relax and unwind while sipping hot tea or coffee. The laid-back atmosphere & breathtaking view of backwaters, makes your mind wander through moments that you cherish forever.

    The ambiance that we provide ensures you enjoy our delicious food with your loved ones in a peaceful environment. Ensuring you enjoy food with all its natural essence, we marvel in the hospitality we showcase for you to have a wonderful time at our restaurant.

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    Coffee Shop

    Built-in the model of a local tea shop, we offer hot beverages which are perfect to sip through on any day. The delicacies that we provide along with hot tea or coffee give you an authentic taste of local cuisine.

    The coffee shop provides you with a relaxed atmosphere, wherein you can enjoy different types of coffee or tea beverages. The very posh centralized air conditioning provides an ambience you can enjoy while having hearty conversations with your friends & family.

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    Lake Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

    A haven for all kinds of seafood cuisine, Lake Lagoon seafood restaurant stands out for its expertise in serving delicious preparations. You will be amazed by our selection & the cooking techniques we use to stimulate your taste buds for the ultimate food experience.

    Lake Lagoon seafood restaurant, gives you a chance to interact with our chefs, in order, for us to provide you personalized food experience. The interactions with the locals as well as fellow foodies will allow you to understand the perfect seafood culture of Kerala.

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    Dining at the lake side pavilion

    Indulge in a romantic evening with your loved one while dining a candle light dinner or a private meal at the lake side, while enjoying the scenery of backwaters. The Lake Side Pavilion provides an experience of a lifetime, for you & your loved ones, in which you can embrace nature while enjoying the delicacies we offer you.

    We provide the right settings for you to enjoy a truly blissful experience, with romance & fun.

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    The Bar

    Experience the unique taste of local liquor while tasting your favorite alcoholic beverages, and having fun with the people around. We provide all drinks with delicious side dishes, which you can munch on while sipping the flavored alcohol.

    The ambience of the bar allows you to be as playful as possible with your friends & buddies.