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Vacation and Yoga: A wonderful Combo!

Yoga, the best activity in your vacation

So, you are excited to know more about yoga and learn how to do it. Time could be an issue, maybe. A busy schedule, as well as tiredness, is stopping you from practicing yoga. Well, don’t worry. Vacation or a well-deserved break or a holiday is a great way to start some yoga. What are you waiting for? Get to know more about yoga while you are at a place vacationing. Your body will thank you for all the effort you put in during the process of yoga. 

Oh, you don’t know how yoga is done or the asanas?

Yoga is done through various asanas that help in improving your body flexibility as well as strength. The great sage Patanjali is the creator of yoga asanas. Ashtanga yoga in yoga sutras comprise of:

  • Satya, Ahimsa, Brahmacharya, Asteya, Aparigraha, and Yama.

  • Tapas, Santosha, Svadhyaya, Ishvara-Pranidhana, Sauca, and Niyama.

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Pratyahara

  • Dharana

  • Dhyana

  • Samadhi

Through these asanas, one can attain nirvana, according the great sage Patanjali.


Yoga as excercise!

The yoga asanas are practiced in the form of various postures. Every yoga starts with a Suryanamaskar (Salute to Sun God) and ends in Samadhi (a peaceful state). Yoga teaches you how to achieve mental peace through physical exercise. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Practice yoga, while on vacation

The initial days of practicing yoga are going to exhaust you. However, once your body gets used to the yoga postures or asanas, you will feel strength coursing through your body. It is wise to practice all 8 types of asanas for effective mind relaxation. Focusing on any particular asanas can be beneficial as well.

Yoga Meditation

A vacation could be the most apt time to start practicing yoga as you will have ample time in the world to get indulged in this world. Also, your body will get enough time to get adjusted to the asanas you perform with utmost dedication. 

Be passionate about yoga and enjoy its benefits

Aids in boosting your body flexibility Loosens your stiff body muscles and through gradual practice, the body becomes flexible and strong. You will be able to bend your body anyway with good yoga practices, and yet the core stays strong. Yoga aids in boosting your body flexibility.

Helps in building core muscle strength
The strength you built through yoga accompanies body flexibility, as aforementioned. This core strength helps you from not having arthritis, back pain, or any conditions that can affect your muscles and joints.

Protect your posture
Yoga helps in keeping your posture upright. This aids the body to be in a perfectly aligned state, which puts little to no unnecessary tension on various muscles and joints.

Yoga Meditation

Prevent the breakdown of your cartilages
With the yoga asanas, the strength of cartilages is boosted without compromising its natural flexibility. Cartilages connect muscles to bones and thus, adding strength as well as the flexibility to these can aid in preventing the breakdown of cartilages and bones as well as joints.

Protect your spine
The spinal disks are integral to the body in many ways. Practicing yoga aids in imparting flexibility and strength to the spine; thereby, protecting you from slip disks or any such serious injuries.

Boost your bone health
We found out that yoga is the best practice to improve your core muscle as well as cartilage strength. Through proper yoga asanas, bone health gets boosted as well. This is because muscles and cartilages are connected to bones.

The blood flow in your body is increased
Apart from boosting the muscles, cartilages, joints, and bones, yoga postures help in improving the overall blood flow in a human body. These inurn results in providing more oxygen to cells, which makes the body healthier from within.

Boost your immunity
An increase in blood flow through yoga boosts body immunity. You will be able to stay fit and healthy through this boost in immunity.

Drop your blood pressure and up your heart rate
Yoga practices are found to improve the endurance of the body by increasing the heart rate as well as dropping the blood pressure. For instance, with proper Pranayama, you can do exercise while taking in less oxygen. This will benefit you when you have to be at a high altitude and in adverse climatic conditions.

Relax your body and improve your balance
Proper practicing of yoga relaxes your body and improves the overall balance. With a relaxed body, you can stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation. An improved balance can help boost your body co-ordinations and you can always stay on your feet in any situation.

Maintain the nervous system and release tension in your limbs
Yoga boosts the overall health of the body by gradually improving all the organ systems. This helps you to maintain your nervous system through the continual practice of yoga. Yoga also helps in releasing tension and negative energy from limbs as well as the overall body. Positive energy fills in your mind through yoga asanas and practices.

Indulge in deep sleep
With all tensions thrown out of the body, through yoga, you can get indulged in a deep sleep. This provides the relaxation that is needed by the body.

Increase self-esteem and inner-strength
You can improve your self-esteem as well as an inner strength that can help you deal with any kind of situation in life.


Yoga at Lake Palace Resort

So, you have decided to come to Lake Palace resort for your vacation. We provide you with yoga practices and asanas, which have loads of benefits as aforementioned. Come to us and indulge in yoga; thereby, improving both your physical as well as mental health. You can also practice meditation with us that will aid in improving your concentration and boosting your inner strength.

Lake Palace resort is the place for you to enjoy your vacation by relaxing the way you want while learning and practicing yoga and meditation techniques.