11 Authentic Kerala cuisines to savor

When you come to the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey, one of the best resorts in Kerala, you might have high expectations about the type and variety of foods we serve you. With a wonderful menu designed by our talented chefs incorporating the cultural aspects of Kerala cuisine, you get exactly what you might have been looking for. Here you will get everything the best, more with regards to food!

Chemmeen Moilee

Prawns are considered to be one of the exotic shellfishes in the world and curry dishes involving these types of fishes are a big hit among one and all. The deshelled Chemmeen or prawns are washed thoroughly before putting into very lightly spiced coconut milk-based stew. They are allowed to cook thoroughly with all the essence of the curry enhancing the flavor of Chemmeen or prawns. A wonderful seafood delight that we offer you at the Lake Palace Resort.  

A real haven of lakeside experience, The Lake Palace Resort is erected on the auspicious banks of Vembanad Lake. Sprawling across the great 14 acres, Lake Palace overlooks the verdant landscapes of Alleppey on one side and the breathtaking views of the lake on the other side. An ultimate destination which captures the true vibe of Venice of the East for making your getaway complete with enduring memories.

Beef Ularthiyathu

Slow roasted cubes of tenderloin in a spicy aromatic masala with Coconut bites, Curry leaves& crushed black peppers.Beef is one of the tastiest as well as exotic meats enjoyed by all, in the world. Beef Ularthiyathu is made by taking tenderloins and slow roasting them until it reaches a point where the meat melts in your palate.

The masala used for this dish is laden with light spices that impart a wonderful aromatic flavor. The Ularthiyathu is in a roast form rather than traditional curry. Beef is also consumed after frying it thoroughly in coconut or vegetable oil. Savor our delicious Beef Ularthiyathu, the taste of which will enchant you for quite some time.

Crab Roast

Crab roast is a wonderful seafood delicacy of Kerala cuisine. We obtain fresh crabs from the local market as well as natural waters where they are found. The crabs are cleaned thoroughly and poached. A curry laden with shallots and Kerala spices such as ginger and pepper is made. The poached crab is then added on to the light spicy aromatic curry, which is finished off with the coconut paste. Enjoy our delicious crab roast that melts as soon as it touches your palate; a heavenly experience indeed.

Karimeen Pollichathu 

Karimeen pollichathu, also known as Pearl Spot is a blessing given to Kerala cuisine by the backwaters near the Lake Palace Resort. Pearl fish is marinated in various spices and wrapped in banana leaf before cooking it thoroughly. The natural flavor of Karimeen is enhanced by banana leaf which keeps it very fresh. The fish is served along with the banana leaf. Since Karimeen is prepared in this fashion, it is known as Karimeen pollichathu. Savor this deliciously fresh & natural delicacy along with rice or just as a fish snack.

Alleppey Fish Curry

Alleppey Fish Curry is a surprise package delivered to you in the form of an authentic home-style cooking technique of Kerala cuisine. Mango adds a wonderful flavor to this curry dish that your palate will fall in love with. The curry base for this dish comprises of various light spices along with coconut milk & raw mango. Enjoy the unique flavor combination of tanginess from mango, sweetness from coconut milk and freshness of fish, in the Alleppey Fish Curry that we prepare for you at the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey.

Vegetable Stew 

Vegetable stew is a vegetarian or vegan’s delight, made of fresh vegetables obtained from our garden as well as the local market. We are proud of serving you the freshest and natural vegetables that we stew in coconut cream. A variety of vegetables such as carrot, beans, peas, and potatoes to name a few, are added into our vegetable stew that we prepare for you at the Lake Palace Resort. Ideal to have with traditional foods of Kerala which include fermented foods such as Appam. Relish our amazing vegetarian delight which you might keep asking for more.  

Ulli Theeyal

Ulli Theeyal, a curry in Kerala cuisine, is a tribute to two of the humble food ingredients namely shallots and onions. This curry is made with shallots and onions along with tamarind paste & spices. The unique flavor of onions & shallots gives your palate an interesting experience. This curry dish is ideal to have with rice. It is also eaten as an appetizer before having Kerala desserts such as Ada pradhaman or Paal Payasam (milk pudding). Savor the unique onion & shallot dish which will give your palate an experience like never before.

Ada Pradhaman

Ada pradhaman tickles the sweet spots of your palate with a thick sugary taste that will wow you. This Kerala dessert is made using ingredients such as ada rice, jaggery, coconut milk, and black sesame. Reserved for auspicious days in Kerala, we bring this sweet to you for savouring the deliciousness as a whole.


Rasam, a dilute curry dish made of tomatoes, tamarind paste and light spices is served as an appetizer before a wholesome meal or at the end of the feast. Rasamhelps with body’s digestion as well. Enjoy a full Kerala sadya with rasam and other ingredients; a wholesome experience to savor and relish.

Nadan Kozhi Curry

Nadan Kozhi Curry is prepared by incorporating all parts of chicken, which is marinated with spices. These chicken meats are put into a curry made of light spices and coconut milk. Relish this amazing flavorful wholesome chicken dish, prepared according to the style of traditional Kerala cuisine.

Lamb Pepper Fry

Lamb Pepper Fry is prepared by marinating lamb meat cubes in dry spices and frying it out in coconut or vegetable oil. Relish this amazing lamb dish at the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey. With so much of amazing dishes to savor and relish, it is indeed a treat for your palate when you are with us at the Lake Palace Resort. The foods we serve at our splendid specialty restaurant give you a wide range of options to try out and enjoy.