Discover the range of activities that Lake Palace has in store for you

When you hear about our lakeside resort, which is one of the best resorts in Kerala, you will surely get excited about to know more about the activities we offer you. With the backwaters and natural scenery forming a wonderful background for our resort, we offer plenty of activities. We have designed these activities for you to enjoy quality relaxing time with your family and loved ones. So, come to the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey and enjoy your vacation or holiday.

Traditional Chayakada

We welcome you with freshly brewed hot tea at our Chayakada. The tea stall at the Lake Palace Resort is a blend of traditional and modern aesthetic elegance. Enjoy, with us, the favorite hot beverage of Indians that can fill your body as well as mind.   

A real haven of lakeside experience, The Lake Palace Resort is erected on the auspicious banks of Vembanad Lake. Sprawling across the great 14 acres, Lake Palace overlooks the verdant landscapes of Alleppey on one side and the breathtaking views of the lake on the other side. An ultimate destination which captures the true vibe of Venice of the East for making your getaway complete with enduring memories.

Have fun around the play area

Nestled in the middle of backwaters in Alleppey is our humble abode; the Lake Palace Resort. We have designed a cozy open area where you & your family and loved ones can showcase all your playfulness, with a tinge of competitiveness. Sip your hot tea from Chayakada, while kids & children enjoy running around and playing in the premises. 

Cycling Options

A walkthrough of our vast 14 acres expanse , via cycling. Interact with our guides and learn more about the property and maybe a little about the culture and customs of Alleppey as the resort itself is a refection of the region's traditional values. Cycling can be refreshing as well, a sure shot expereince to treasure. 

Exploring the backwaters 

After resting thoroughly in your suites overnight, explore the natural beauty of Alleppey backwaters. Known as backwater exploring, this could provide a wonderful and unique experience that can make you feel close to nature.  

Experience fishing

Indulge in fishing with our local team and get a hang of how the fishermen of Kerala, do their business. It would be a fun experience, which you can cherish for a long time. While fishing, learn all about Chinese fishing nets, at the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey; the best among Kerala resorts.

Evening motorboat cruise 

Find some time in the evenings to enjoy the thrilling motorboat cruises. Our evening motorboat cruise is a hit among all the tourists as well as travel enthusiasts. This is a specialty that is seen only in the Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey. 

Herbal garden

A variety of medicinal herbs and exotic plants welcome you with wonderful aroma; a unique ambiance indeed at our herbal garden. The space is best for a relaxing walk, exploring the varieties of plants here. .

Cultural performances showcasing traditional art forms of Kerala

Be amazed by Kerala’s cultural art forms. You get an amazing chance to get immersed in some aesthetic cultural art forms or cultural events of Alleppey and Kerala. Famous dance forms such as Mohiniyattam and Bharathanatyam as well as Kathakali depicts the culture of Kerala through hand mudras and facial expressions; wonderful and elegant art forms indeed. 

Pottery making 

After a good night’s rest, pottery making would be a wonderful learning experience for all those who love art adventures. We at the Lake Palace Resort, helps you indulge in fun pottery making sessions through which you can sculpt vases and other earthenware. The intricacies required in pottery making will amaze you and bring out your focus, concentration, and competitiveness. 

Shikkara Ride

Get on board the “Shikkar”, small boats that used to be cargo vessels in an old era. Popularly known as Shikkara Ride, these boats will take you through various small canals. Explore Kerala culture through ancient waterways, which served an important role in the history of Alleppey, Kerala, and India. 

Pedal boat ride

The serene waters and the tranquil atmosphere would fill joy & peace in your body and minds. It would be wonderful to make some nostalgic moments together with the pedal boat ride. Get Kayaks and indulge in some Kayaking. A good fitness exercise and a thrilling ride through gentle backwaters that surround the Lake Palace Resort. 


Water sports in backwater

For all those who love enthralling water adventures, we offer you speed boat cruises or rides along with Jet-Ski experience. Exhilarate your senses through the amazing water experiences you indulge in. Water Zorbing gives you a unique experience with you walking on water! Climb inside huge bubble balls and experience a different kind of thrill than speeding motorboats. With so much action in the water, you would fall in love with the activities we provide you.   


Land sports

For a change of scenery, it would be interesting to get involved with some land sports as well. Get involved in a game of  volleyball with your new friends. Amaze everyone with your competitive spirit while you smash your way into their hearts! A friendly game of volleyball can lift your spirits. Improve your hand-eye coordination through the games of croquet as well as mini-golf.

These games help improve your concentration and competitiveness. These are wonderful exercises for sharp mental and physical health. Work on your agility while you are with us at the Lake Palace Resort through a game of badminton. It would be a fun experience to get involved in as many land sports as possible.    


In-house game of Archery

Aim and shoot your worries away via a game of archery. A life-size version of darts, archery improves your whole body balance both mentally as well as physically. You can improve your self-esteem and body stamina as well through a game of archery.

A plethora of activities is provided by the Lake Palace Resort, along with delicious refreshments. Built on a mesmerizing location, the Lake Palace Resort offers you all they can provide at a worthy value. Come and enjoy your vacation or holiday with us. We guarantee that we will make it worthwhile.