Lake Palace Resort: A Luxury Backwater Resort in Alleppey

    Ayurveda & Spa

    Ayurveda, one of the ancient treasures to mankind developed by sages, heals your very being & cleanses you inside out by revitalizing your mind, soul and body. We at Lake Palace resort combine the techniques of Ayurveda and spa to enhance your relaxing experience.

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    Practicing Ayurveda is all in how we provide you the sacred knowledge of ancient rishi & sages, to enhance your body balance. The principles at use ensure you a rejuvenating & revitalizing experience, akin to a heavenly feeling.

    Our experts will help you have a personalized experience, based on your body requirements & alleviate tension and stress from your tissues and muscles. We use various medicinal herbs in aromatic oils for therapeutic techniques, which will revitalize your skin.


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    Western Spa
    We make sure you have a good time in our spa with our world-class facilities & experienced personnel. Through a holistic approach of treatments to our patrons & by the usage of natural products, you will have a rejuvenating experience than none other.

    The massages that we provide for you in our spa include Swedish, Balinese, sports, hot stone full body massage, leg & feet, neck & shoulder, along with aromatherapy and foot reflexology. Apart from indulging in deep tissue & muscle massages, aromatic oils are used which seeps into the body stimulating all the sensory organs.


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    Beauty Salon
    Our beauty salon offers every amenity that can enhance the way you present yourselves. With personalized hair-cuts, hair styling, waxing, manicure, pedicure, and tanning, we address everything that concerns your physical appearance.

    By combining beauty salon treatments with facial massages, to revitalize your skin & scalp, we help you preserve the freshness of your skin, setting it aglow with youthfulness.

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    Yoga/ Meditation
    Through yoga asanas, we help in improving your body strength & flexibility. As yoga facilitates to analyze your thoughts & workings of your mind, practicing various asanas, with the help of our experts will boost your inner strength as well.

    The meditation program helps to improve your concentration level & will assist in keeping your composure in any situations. Our experts guide you through a simple regime which you can master within no time.